Fengji: Integrating the beauty of China into jewelry design

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In the studio, the jewellery designer Feng Jizheng outlined the new art jewelry pattern. Ingeniously driving the magic pen, the jewellery design of her pen, the brilliance on the paper.

The jewellery designer is known as the “jewelry designer of the 21st century.” Her charm has attracted the attention of the international jewelry industry.
“It is jewelry that chose me.”

“It’s not so much that I choose jewelry, but jewelry is my choice.” During his studies in London,she was deeply attracted by the charm of jewelry design.
Jewelry design, listening to glamorous, not easy to understand all kinds of gems, Fengji has been working hard for many years, she uses his works to create international art influence.
Jewelry design that “tells the story of the East”
She believes that the best way to present the charm of Chinese art is to integrate. “Pink Maple Leaf” earrings use pink gems as if they were Chinese paintings, natural and harmonious.


Jewelry Oriental Beauty Shines International Fashion Stage
In 2016, she founded the brand “Fengji”. Only the nation is the world. Feng Ji’s oriental and self-present works touched Paris. Let Chinese original forces gain global applause.


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