High-end jewelry : Cartier bracelets for the best you

High-end jewelry always makes the wearer the focus instantly. This may be one of the reasons why women like diamonds. Do you know how to choose the right jewelry accessories to be the party queen? Let’s take a look at the stars’ favorite.

Jessica Chastain: Earl PIAGET

High-end jewelry

Recently, in an event Piaget launched by PIAGET collaborated with Galeries Lafayettes. Jessica Chastain wore a Piaget Secrets & Lights jewellery necklace, which dazzles in 18k white gold with 395 diamonds.



Annabella Waris: Cartier Cheetah Series Jewelry


High-end jewelry

Waris wears Cartier’s collection of Panthèrede Cartier cheetahs. Exquisite and sleek shape, modern and fashion style. The faceted cheetah charm is presented in more youthful details. It uses Cartier’s pioneering fur setting process. Precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds are set in 18K precious metal, displaying Cartier cheetah multiple charm.

High-end jewelry


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