Who are we?

Hello, welcome to Andromedae.

It is our aim to build a website to make jewelry shopping on Aliexpress easier.

To save your time spent on searching for the very jewelry you like, we have narrowed down the number of jewelry to free you from the vast number of jackets. Every day we just pick a few pieces of things like necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accessories which we think might be the best choice for you based on their features, order numbers and feedbacks.

As far as those who are looking for reasonable price, you will find product with attractive discount in Sales.

Also, to facilitate you shopping, we provide fashion news and match guide to help you make better decisions.

As long as you have made your shopping decision in Andromedae, just click the Buy button, and all the shopping will be switched to Aliexpress, which always guarantee its customers with fast delivery and helpful customer service.

Now get started with your shopping for jewelry in Andromedae! Hope you will like it.

Who are we?

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